Shuttle XXXPC

Written by Geoff Richards

November 25, 2005 | 08:06

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Bored with the sexy, classic, brushed-aluminium looks of your Shuttle? Drag it into the gutter for an entirely different kind of sexiness with an adult-anime cover.

The racy XPC was uncovered by our friends at Akihabara News and is definitely one to be filed under Only In Japan.

We have, of course, reported on far stranger PC-related stuff available in the Land of the Rising Sun, such as USB pen drives shaped like realistic human fingers, a literal interpretation of the term 'thumb drive'. Then there is the even more bizarre Food Disk and Sushi Disk from that same story - safer just not to ask.

As for the 'XXXPC', we aren't quite sure who they are aimed at. Certainly in the Western world, no married man would be allowed to own such a bold computer by his better half.

You'd think, therefore, that the target market would be single guys but then, you would have as hard a time convincing your date that you weren't a pervert when she saw your PC as you would if she found your stash of porn hidden behind the toilet.

There would be no chance to explain your appreciation for Japanese artwork, or that the ample bosoms are textbook Shader Model 3.0. Nope, you would be lucky to get away with a slap in the face and a rant about the Lara Croft-style cleavage. If the missus fails to spot the camel toe, you're getting off lightly.

Frankly, we prefer the bit-tech version. Our spy photographer captured this top-secret prototype (below right) at this year's Computex show in Taipei. There'd no arguing about the realism of the artwork on that one, but you're still sleeping on the sofa tonight. Meet fellow art lovers in our Recently Divorced Forum.

Image courtesy Akihabara News.
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