Radio Shack to start selling games

Written by Joe Martin

September 19, 2007 | 10:50

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Radio Shack is a store I've never had much of an experience with and so far I've managed to stay out of the forum discussion about the retail chain. You see, as a poor student my previous PC tinkerings were limited by my budget. Since then I've graduated to Team Bit-tech and I've not needed to buy any bits or bobs for a long time. Life is sweet.

Still, my interest in Radio Shack my undergo a bit of a resurgence soon as it turns out that the electronics store will soon start selling computer and video games too.
The move, which is mentioned in a recent article at GameSpot, has been questioned by analysts and punters alike who fail to see how the chain can compete with companies like GameStop in the US and Game in the UK.

The move has apparently been carefully timed to coincide with the launch of Halo 3, which frankly seems a bit stupid. Everybody who wants that game has already pre-ordered it or will be picking it up from their dedicated gaming store of choice.

How extensive the offering of games is going to be hasn't been clarified either - will it be just the top ten games of the month, or can we expect to see a serious selection of old and new titles littering the shelves?

Either way, we remain dubious of how successful the move will be - the competition is just too damn fierce. Still, we may be wrong (it happens), so why not let us know what you think by dropping your thoughts in the forums?
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