Mod of the Month August Update

Written by Brett Thomas

August 17, 2007 | 16:12

Tags: #august #coolercases #july

Companies: #ac-ryan #sapphire

Well, the polls have been closed for a bit over a week and the votes have been tallied, and you have spoken. The winner of the bit-tech Mod of the Month for July 2007 is....rigormortem and his Impossible Modding project!

He'll be receiving some great kit, including that limited edition 690G board from Sapphire. As well, AC Ryan has tossed in a set of fans for the new board (colours of his choosing), one of its SATA Backy backplates, an AluBox TFX and some red neon SATA cables to go along with it. It's all the equipment necessary for a great media PC!

Of course, we've got a new set of prizes for August. We're heading into the dog days of summer, and it's hard not to feel the heat while you're working on your mod. Just imagine how your computer must feel! That's why you need to keep it nice and cool, and some days a fan just doesn't do it.

That's why, for August, we've teamed up with the awesome CoolerCases UK to bring you some great watercooling gear. We'll be offering a CPU block (AMD or Intel, depending on the winner's need) and a 120mm radiator, as well as some awesome FeserOne cooling fluid and some brand new Feser Tube to help out.

Of course, the guys over at AC Ryan weren't about to stop, either - and we'll have some great modding gear to go along with the start of your awesome new water cooling system, including the company's newest RadGrillz. But that's never all...we'll just have to see what else ends up in the box!

So, there you have it. Get to work! But don't forget to congratulate rigormortem and thank our awesome sponsors in our forums first!
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