Motion-control mouse hacked out of NES gun

Written by Wil Harris

March 20, 2006 | 12:21

Tags: #duck-hunt #motion-control #nes

A cunning blogger with a penchant for moddery has hacked apart a NES lightgun to create a motion-sensitive mouse for the PC.

The gun, for those too young to have much memory of those bygone days, was used for the insanely fun Duck Hunt, one of the first home lightgun games. Gamers were charged with, well, shooting ducks as they flew up from the grass.

The innards of the gun have been replaced with the insides of a gyration control mouse, and the left-click button from the mouse is wired up to the trigger on the gun.

The modder, Brandon Morgano, says on his blog that "There is nothing quite like opening Firefox with a double-tap to the head / icon."

There's a video on the site of the gun working, along with a walkthrough of how he created it. This is a great way to get a lightgun working on the PC - lightguns for the platform are almost non-existant, due to the differences between TVs and PC CRT monitors.

What do you reckon of the mod? Drop us a line over in the forums to let us know and discuss your own ideas for retro-modding.
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