Modder creates Touchscreen PSP

Written by Joe Martin

August 11, 2008 | 12:48

Tags: #ds #iphone #modder #psp #touchscreen

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The Nintendo DS and Sony PSP have both been out for a number of years now, but still we see people trying to decide which handheld gaming console is the better of the two - or whether the iPhone can stake claim.

Sure, the PSP has a great screen and better base features, but the DS has a touchscreen and a more accessible homebrew movement.

Well, now you can chalk off one of those strengths for Nintendo's console thanks to the efforts of one canny modder who has added touchscreen support to a modded Sony PlayStation Portable.

Jube808 has managed to carry out a number of tweaks and mods to his PSP, giving it touchscreen support, a better battery life and redesigned control pad. There's also some basic apps already which can easily be used in combination with the touchscreen.

Jube808's website is a little sparse on details right now and there's unfortunately no information on how other modders might accomplish the feat of ingenuity other than by scavenging some shaky Youtube videos for details - but as a proof of concept the Touchscreen PSP is mighty attractive.

Footage of the mod is available on the PSPZ project site. Why not check out one of the videos and let us know what you think about the Touchscreen PSP and which handheld console is better in your eyes. Drop all your comments in the forums.
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