Mod your PS3 Blu-Ray, make a phaser

Written by Joe Martin

November 12, 2007 | 11:53

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This isn't strictly PC modding, I know. On the other hand though, it's so awesomely cool that I don't think you'll mind and it does involve using bits of a PlayStation 3, so it has a loose gaming connection.

KipKay over Instructables posted this inventive little mod a few days ago, detailing how to create a Blu-Ray/Star Trek phaser for under $100.

Instead of ripping a brand new PlayStation 3 to pieces and ruining a perfectly good console (silence Nintendo fanboys!), KipKay started off by getting a PS3 Blu-Ray laser assembly off of Ebay for under $50. Couple that with an Aixiz Laser Housing ($7) and some batteries, resistors and switches, and you've got yourself a neat little laser emitter.

The cool part though is mounting it inside a classic Star Trek phaser pistol toy to create your very own Blu-Ray phaser. The not so cool part is when you accidentally blind yourself whilst playing with it.

KipKay has posted a detailed step-by-step photo guide, as well as a video of phaser in action.

Now, before you go running off to make your own Blu-Ray phasers or HD-DVD pulse rifles, we've got a quick and deliberately controversial question for you - one designed to shake the community to the core. Ready? Which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars? Discuss it on the forums!
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