Mnpctech launches new modding video series

Written by Antony Leather

February 1, 2011 | 17:00

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US-based modding store Mnpctech has launched its own web-based series of videos, called Mod Men, which includes news, tips and tricks for would-be modders. The bit-tech Mod of the Month sponsor gave us an exclusive interview prior to the launch today, which precedes a bi-weekly airing on its YouTube channel.

In short, there'll be modding tips and tricks galore, along with industry insight, product reviews and they're even building a PC case from scratch. We caught up with Bill Owen of Mnpctech for quick chat about the forthcoming series.

'The webisode series follows my PC modding business, Mnpctech,' said Mnpctech's Bill Owen in an interview with bit-tech prior to the launch of the series.

'Imagine an "American Chopper for Geeks", but without the reality show nonsense. It is important that the show appealed to everybody. I enjoy sharing guides for beginners and pro-tips for hardcore modders so everyone who's interested in modding should find them informative.'

The series will even feature familiar mods built by bit-tech regulars such as Cheapskate, whose new scratch-built watercooled PC will be seen in the series.

'I'll also share my most popular advice for cooling mods, aesthetic mods, do-it-yourself custom paint guides and tricks over the span of five episodes for season one,' continued Bill. 'I also get into the best tools for individual applications, ranging from very affordable hand tools to the more expensive professional equipment. We have so much material that already looking at doing season two.'

The videos will air every other week on Mnpctech's YouTube channel, as well as on the new, official website, Modmenshow.

Check out the trailer for the series below, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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