LAN party mod with, er, ham?

Written by Brett Thomas

July 27, 2006 | 16:45

Tags: #lan-party

VIAArena has recently put up coverage of the 14th Euskal Encounter LAN. If you've not heard of Euskal, it's quite an event. A four-day frag fest held each July in Bilbao, Spain, this year's event had nearly 8,000 registered participants.

Of course, what good is a LAN without some high-quality mods? Needless to say, there were a good many modded cases, including everything from the popular Kill Bill mod to an old Amiga like machine that displayed only orange monochrome playing Doom.

However, these didn't even come close to the most unusual mod there, which focused on the Spanish region's pride and joy: cured ham. Just in case you get a craving for some while you're playing, one ingenious modder created a case that held a full cured pig's leg on top, along with a knife for easy carving.

Step on over to ViaArena to see what else was there!

Got a thought on some of the mods? Suddenly hungry for cured ham? Let us know in the refridger... err, forums.
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