Kustom PCs offers custom P180

Written by Brett Thomas

November 30, 2006 | 20:46

Tags: #kustompc #p180

Companies: #antec

Though it's not necessarily "hot news," we figured a few of you might enjoy this tidbit.

Many of our forumites have expressed interest in the Antec P180 case ever since our review back in January. In amongst my glowing commentary about the case, I had noted one shortfall at the time - the low-noise panels that created the wonderful acoustic properties were not exactly modder-friendly. Since the case provided no real windows, it wasn't going to be high on the list of anyone looking to truly spice it up.

Well, so much for that. It may be ten months down the line since then, but the boys over at Kustom PCs have done it. The site now boasts a new P180 pre-modded with a window - one that doesn't even kill the noise reduction quality of the case. The window complements the look of the "mini-fridge" quite well.

For those that roll their eyes about a pre-mod, I encourage you to take a look around online. Cutting these panels is hard and (from what I've seen of attempts) usually comes out looking horribly while simultaneously trashing the acoustic properties. It's just not a mod that's worth doing yourself - and now you don't have to.

So for everyone who is interested in this rather wonderful case but wanted a window on it, head on over and check it out. It's not the cheapest case around (at £149.50), but it's well worth the money.

Now if only it came in colours... (hint, hint...)

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