Win US$50,000 by case modding

Written by Geoff Richards

May 17, 2005 | 15:21

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Microsoft have teamed up with the Industrial Designers Society of America to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Windows by holding a competition to design the PC of the Future:

The Challenge
Rethink the Windows-based PC experience today and the role it plays in people's lives. Envision how the digital lifestyle - from personal productivity at work or home, to entertainment, mobility, lifestyle and form - all play a part in development. Think big, be bold, and inspiring, but pay attention to sustainable technologies, and ecological and environmental innovation.

We have already seen modders win big cash this year: Robert Stoppels won 5000€ at the World Cyber Games for his Aqua PC at Cebit. Never one to do anything by halves, Bill & co are offering US$50,000 for First place, with a second US$50,000 prize for the Chairman's Award to be chosen by Monsieur Gates himself. There is also a 25 grand People's Choice Award, bringing the total prize pool to an eye-watering US$125,000

Entries will be judged on their excellence in five categories: Innovation, User Experience, Aesthetics, Technical Ability, and Ecology. Questions will be asked of the different designs, such as: is the design new and unique? Is the design enhanced with new technologies? Does the appearance enhance the emotional appeal of the product? You should note that the number of blue LEDs used will NOT score you bonus points!

The official website is when you can read more about the Competition and download an entry kit. Online entry submission is open from today until 3rd October and the winners will be showcased jointly by Microsoft and the IDSA at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada USA - we hope to be there to bring you the results.

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