Intel PC Mod Expo

Written by Brett Thomas

May 15, 2007 | 05:47

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While bit-tech has been modding for 7 years now, the wonder of PC customisation has only recently spread to China. This year will see a huge explosion in the Chinese modding community and Intel China is doing a lot to raise awareness within its domestic market.

It wanted to showcase the world's best case mods to the local modders to inspire them to create the next generation of Chinese case mod designs. Of course, when they asked the question "who has the best case mods in the world?" there was only one answer:!

We are here in Beijing today with some of the best mods we have published over the years, as well as their creators:

  • Magnus Persson ([WP@]WOLVERINE) - Puzzlebox 2.0
  • Gert Swolfs (Joungne) - Hypercube
  • Nicholas Falzone (greensabbath) - Sangaku
  • Mikael Gustafsson (GoTaLL) - Dragon Head, and a custom-painted Intel laptop.

Also joining this group are two of the best Asian modders: Li Yiqi, and and Zong Sanchuan. A Chinese design firm, eazo studio, is also present.

Gathering for the press conference this afternoon is the who's who of Chinese media, including more than a dozen newspapers, local variants of FHM and T3 magazines as well as all the top technical and gaming press. Also present are no fewer than four TV crews including CCTV9. Western media includes Dow Jones News Wires, Bloomberg and of course,

Our modders will talk about both their individual mods and what modding means in general to them, as well as some of their experiences. Intel is using the event not only to showcase modding and its Core microarchitecture to China, but also to announce its support for the art and industry of modding in general. This marks probably the largest company to date that has stepped into the modding ring, and we welcome the support - we can't wait to see the impact that such a large company (and country) can bring to our favourite hobby.

Of course, I'll be covering the event in more detail with a recap at the end of our week-long trip. Until then, feel free to post your thoughts on the progress of modding worldwide and Intel's recognition of it here in our forums..
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