16MB PEZ dispenser

Written by Geoff Richards

May 25, 2005 | 09:54

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Some of the best mods are the also the simplest: you don't always have to spend 250+ hours on Orac-esque mods to have fun. A cheap and easy mod everyone can do at home is the USB Drive / Flash PEZ mod, and Finnish modder Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö has produced two gems.

You may remember the Star Wars PEZ from last year: take a suitably small USB pen drive and mod the casing so it fits into an every-day PEZ dispenser. If you're a Seinfeld fan, you can stop giggling right now!

Jani, who runs MetkuMods, used a Jack Jack PEZ (the baby character from Pixar's The Incredibles) and a cutesy, furry cow as the basis for his FlashPEZ project:

"...the mod is really easy and fun to make. If you can't find any use for this mod to yourself, perhaps you can find someone to make this mod for. Your girlfriend, mom, dad, son, daughter, someone that likes to collect items with certain themes etc. Now that USB Memory devices are so cheap, they make perfect items to play with and to mod."

The results are certainly impressive, and it's hard not to be inspired to go away and attempt your own FlashPEZ - the mark of a truly good mod. Jani estimates a typical FlashPEZ project will take you 40 minutes and cost you approx 35€ (£25) if you don't already have a donor pen drive.

Check out MetkuMods for the full project log

Have you tried your own FlashPEZ mod? Or maybe a different method for recasing a USB pen drive? Share your ideas in our News Discussion forum.
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