First modded Xbox 360 appears

Written by Wil Harris

November 30, 2005 | 12:27

Tags: #360 #backlight #llamma #modded #window

Companies: #mod

The crazy guys over at are the first on the net with a modded Xbox 360.

And by modded, we mean bling-bling, not PerfectDarkZero.torrent.

The system features a wicked blue paint job, as well as a top Window. The guys have also added in a laptop hard drive, connected over USB, so that MP3s can be directly loaded onto the 360.

The site also features a brill lighted controller mod, as well as a blue backlit media remote.

In all honesty, we were hoping to bring you the first modded 360 next week, but it looks like those damn Yanks have beaten us to it. Frankly, they've done a great job for just 7 days work!

What do you make of the mod? Drop us your thoughts on it over in the News Forum.

UPDATE 1st December: Llamma are selling this modded Xbox 360 on eBay. It currently stands at US$1000 after less than one day of bidding...

UPDATE 11th December: the final selling price was a whopping US$10,300. The "lucky" winner was 'skatinmaster' who entered the bidding at $7,700, rapidly pushing the total past $10,000 to outbid 'shadyj1234' and ultimately win the auction. We will ignore the fact that he could have just bought any number of Xbox 360s for even $800 on eBay and either done the work himself, or paid any number of people to perform the same mod. Crazy stuff.
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