Dremel launches new EZ Wrap tool bundles

April 11, 2016 | 14:48

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Rotary multi-tool giant Dremel has announced that it has solved the problem of cable tangle thanks to its new EZ Wrap tool holder for the 3000, 4000, and 4,200 multi-tool ranges.

To be supplied with each tool as part of a new product bundle, the EZ Wrap tool holder is at its heart a simple lump of plastic which Dremel claims will revolutionise storage of its tools. The main tool body itself sides into the holster-like section, while a cord channel runs around the outside to allow the power cable to be quickly wrapped around and hidden away. A small clip keeps the cable in place, while the holder also includes a storage section for keeping your most commonly-used accessories and tool removal wrench.

In addition to the tool holder, which Dremel boasts can be wall mounted, the new tool bundles include a storage case with removable accessory tray for the parts you choose not to place into the EZ Wrap holder. The EZ Wrap and storage case will be available, Dremel has explained, with three models: the 4200 - 4/75 EZ Product Kit, the 4000 - 4/65 EZ Product Kit, and the 3000 - 1/25 EZ Product Kit. Each includes the numbered tool from the title, plus a range of extras: the 4200 kit includes a cutting guide, line and circle cutter, shaping platform, and comfort guard attachment, plus an additional 75 accessories; the 4000 kit includes a flexible shaft, line and circle cutter, detailer's grip, shaping platform, and 65 accessories; while the 3000 kit includes a flexible shaft and 25 accessories.

The new kits are available now, priced at £139.99 for the 4200 kit, £115.99 for the 4000 kit, and £71.99 for the 3000 kit.
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