Doug's Quiet Wood Case PC

Written by Geoff Richards

May 1, 2005 | 10:01

Tags: #case #casemod #silent #vibration #wood

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SilentPCReview have posted a neat all-wood casemod by Doug Klassen aptly titled "Doug's Quiet Wood Case PC". Bugged by the drone of his component, Doug set out to reduce the noise it produces as much as possible without altering the spec or major components.

Concluding that vibration was a major cause of his woes, Doug embarked on a solution that isolated as many components as possible from the hard outer chassis through liberal use of foam sheeting - he even used it to separate the CDROM bay bracket from the top of the case.

Not content with that, Doug fashioned some home-made soundproofing material for the side panel, and employed an acoustic panel propped just behind the rear of the case, which Doug says is "far enough back to allow the exhaust to escape freely, but absorbs the great majority of sound coming through the rear ports."

At the end of the day, for US$125 Doug has made a very presentable stained-pine case, one that on looks-alone is a winner. However, through the internal damping and tweaking, he has also substantially reduced the amount of noise it produces, to the point where "from my chair, the fans are essentially inaudible, and I can only just make out the chatter of HDD seeks and the motherboard hiss when I load the CPU." Nice work Doug!
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