Black Narcissus Wins A.C.Ryan Worklog Contest

Written by Tim Smalley

April 4, 2006 | 20:31

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Bit-tech forum member, modsquad, has beaten over 120 modders worldwide and his project, Black Narcissus, was selected from 180+ worklogs to win the ACRyan Great Worklog Contest.

Modders from bit-tech's forums were major contributors to the competition with nearly 30 of the worklogs coming from our Project Logs forums.

The competition closed on the 31st January and it has taken the judges over two months to decide on the winner from the large number of entries. The winner was not only the modder with the highest quality modding and design, but was also incredibly good at interacting with other forum members in the worklog.

The reward for modsquad's hard work is a cheque for US$2400 and a commissioned project to design and name a new Constructx-based chassis.

If you haven't already read modsquad's Black Narcissus worklog, we suggest you put the kettle on and make a pot of tea before sitting down and having a read of the 2000+ post mammoth that started back in July 2004. It's one of the best executed case modifications we've seen from the increasing number of high-quality case mods that are in our forums.

In fact, several members of the bit-tech team have closely monitored the progress of the project since day one.

Are you looking forward to seeing what modsquad comes up with for his next case modding project? Or are you just wondering what he's going to spend his US$2400 prize on? Why not pop by the forums and have a chat with the man himself.
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