Bulletproof iPod?

Written by Geoff Richards

July 7, 2005 | 09:52

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After his iPod was crushed to death in his pocket, jammed against the handrail of one of those famously cramped Japanese commuter trains, one enterprising guy has taken protecting his iPod to the extreme: a veritable vault milled from solid aluminium.

The unnamed modder lives in the Kanto region in Japan, which is very densely populated, counting Tokyo and Yokohama amongst its cities. Indeed, The Greater Tokyo area is the largest metropolitan area in the world by population and one of the largest built-up areas around. In simple terms, we're talking about the population of Canada - 33 million people - in an area of just 2,000 square miles; the same size as Delaware or the county of Norfolk, England. And you thought the Tube was busy at rush hour?

To protect his new iPod Photo from a similar fate, he has adopted Hummer logic and engineered his case to last: he speculates that the 5mm Aluminum A5052 shell could stop a 0.22 bullet. Naturally, he has christened the project 'Armor Plate for iPod Photo' though having gone to so much trouble polishing it, I'm not sure he'd let anyone test its strength.

The two halves of the case are held together with chunky M3 hex bolts, and the full-assembled case looks more like something from the Xander Zone; like it was xXx's personal jukebox. You'd certainly need the muscles of Vin Diesel to carry it: at 446g, it is 2.5 times the weight of a nude iPod Photo.

If your Japanese is a little rusty, you can check out Google's attempted translation, but with phrases like "the kana which you transfer to the Kanto person it may use ding dong, or how do", you might just want to look at the pretty pictures.

So if ZapWizard's Real Wood iPod is a is an iWood, or a WoodPod, does that mean this is an ArmourPod? An AluPod? Post your best names.
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