Xbox 360 Laptop Mod MK II

Written by Joe Martin

April 18, 2007 | 10:44

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Efforts have apparently been continuing on one of our favourite non-PC mods, Engadget reports.

The Xbox 360 Laptop MK II is a better, prettier, thinner and lighter than the original version.

360 on the go sounds like a good thing to us, and thanks to the folks at Engadget we may soon be able to have one ourselves as they will be detailing the process of how to build a 360 laptop up from scratch, complete with technical drawings and the original design and art files over the next few weeks.

In the mean time however, you'll have to cope with drooling at some of the pictures and videos available.

If you're thinking "that's a rather big laptop" then you would be right, just as Ben Heckendorn's original was no pocket-sized PDA either.

Of course, there is already a precident for a "portable" gaming system a big as this: a year ago we reviewed a Rock Xtreme notebook that sported SLI graphics and a huge 19" display. It also cost £2500 and weighed the wrong side of 6.5KG (14 pounds!)

Naturally, practicality isn't high on the list of design objectives for either gaming system. As with SLI notebooks with sub-one hour battery lifes, the Xbox 360 laptop really only exists for two reasons: because it's cool, and just because we can.

We look forward to Part III where we will see how it's all built.

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