European Mod-o-rama

Written by Wil Harris

September 15, 2006 | 12:44

Whilst many of the most famous mods in the webosphere come from some of the big western websites, such as bit-tech, it's important to remember that case modding is a world phenomenon and there's some great projects out there that you'll miss if you stick to English language sites. We thought we'd point out a couple to you today!

JackyPC is an awesome French modding website, and they have a really sweet retro project. The piece is based on the concept of what would have happened if technology progressed faster than design back in the 80s. What would a 1980s PC look like with today's hardware?

The mod was built for a contemporary art exhibition in France, and has even got some fake advertisements built around it in stunning 80s fonts. This is a really well-done mod, and we absolutely love the monitor - a flat panel TFT with that horrible 80s plastic, bulbous casing! You'll need to speak some French to read the detail, but the pictures are plenty explanatory.

Meanwhile, over in Hungary, Radikal Mod has got a really cool article showing the winners from the 5th Hungarian Modding Competition at Mod-Tech HALL 2006. The full list has some great mods with good execution and intersting themes, including the Strogg Quake 4 PC pictured above! Edu over at the site lets us know that "The day of the competition the atmosphere was extremly pleasant, both the audience and the modders had a good time. Each computer was very particular and all the modders did a great job." Good stuff!

Go and check out the articles and let us know what you think of the mods over in the forums. Good to see the worldwide modding community keeping things running well!
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