Mod of the Year 2008 Winner Announced

January 7, 2009 | 00:47

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Our third Mod of the Year competition is over and out of fifteen excellent entries there can always be only one winner. Unlike the rest of the field, from day one there has been literally no competition for the top result, and with a large 15.2% of the votes, Nick Falzone with Chiaroscuro wins the bit-tech Mod of the Year 2008 competition!

In second place, Apple Core Duo by Cyprio rides in shortly behind, and The Reflection HTPC by Magnus Persson closes into third place but only after plenty of place changes between third to sixth place throughout the competition!

A full run down of the results is as follows:
    1 Chiaroscuro by Nick Falzone 15.2%
    2 Apple Core Duo by Cyprio 9.3%
    3 The Reflection HTPC by Magnus Persson 8.8%
    4 Battlestar Galactica Case Mod by Boddaker 8.3%
    5 Cosmos Skulltrail by Coolmiester 7.8%
    6 MCE2.0 by Sleepstreamer 7.6%
    7 FiveWood by cc3d 6.2%
    8 Rogue by craigbru 6.0%
    9 Team Fortress 2 Sentry Mod by Ton Khowdee 6.0%
    10 Tiny HTPC by ichessblumen 5.6%
    11 Sinuskurve by Sonnenschein 5.4%
    12 Eco-Intel Mod by Planet Express Klan 3.7%
    13 Bloo Balls by Cheapskate 3.5%
    14 Paperazzi by acey 3.3%
    15 C&C GDI War Factory by milotic858 3.2%
You can see for yourselves how close the voting was - with Rogue by Craigbru and the TF2 Mod by Ton just one single vote apart at the very end, and with just four hours to go before the close of the competition several people had identical votes or within a few of each other as well making for a really close competition. The BSG Mod by Boddaker rose from a mid-table start in 7th to narrow in very closely to 3rd place, but couldn't quite pip Magnus to the post, and despite the Cosmos Skulltrail starting strongly in third place, it had unfortunately dropped to fifth just a few days ago.

Well, congratulations from all of the bit-tech team! Nick walks away with a massive prize pool, which includes the following:
Mod of the Year 2008 Winner Announced

Stavros Stavrou, in second place has won:
Mod of the Year 2008 Winner Announced

And finally, Magnus Persson has won:
Mod of the Year 2008 Winner Announced

Firstly we'd like to say thank you to all our industry partners who provided invaulable support by sponsoring this years competition! We’d also like to say a massive thanks to you, our readers, for participating in the contest and crowning bit-tech’s Mod of the Year. Stay tuned for modding updates throughout 2009 because we plan to make things even more impressive!

Do you have any comments about this years results? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.
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