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Written by Edward Chester

December 30, 2013 | 10:36

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When the word 'modding' is mentioned around these parts our minds immediately think of case and PC modding - as amply demonstrated by our current Mod of the Year competition - but of course modding can be done to many things including games and sure enough game modding website Mod DB has announced the winners of its own game Mod of the Year 2013 competition.

Taking the crown was the multiplayer mod of Just Cause 2, which took the fictional island setting of Panau and opened it up for simultaneous use by hundreds of players. Despite being a three year old game the mod has proved hugely popular since its release on Steam on 18th December.

Coming in second was No More Room in Hell, a standalone, zombie-survival, Half Life 2 mod that is actually quite old, having been initially released in 2011. Likewise the third place title Rise of the Reds was first released back in 2008 and saw a major new release in December 2012. Nonetheless, with development still on-going the two titles have again been praised.

Other notable additions to the top 10 include Brutal Doom, a turned-up-to-11 revisiting of Doom in which everything is louder, more bloody and, yes, more brutal. The latest version was released in October 2013.

There's also Fallout: Project Brazil, an almost complete reworking of Fallout: New Vegas which revolves around an all new story based on a new player character who's embarking on a quest to a hidden complex in the ruins of Los Angeles.

Have you played any game mods this year? Which have been your favourites? Let us know in the forums.

And of course don't forget to pick your favourite PC mod in our own Mod of the Year competition.

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