Microsoft Stops Vista Torrent Downloads

Written by Tim Smalley

June 19, 2006 | 10:21

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Microsoft has ordered the owners of to stop the unauthorised distribution of the publicly-available Windows Vista preview with immediate effect.

According to a spokesperson from Redmond, this is the software giant's standard practice that is designed to protect its customers. The company cannot guarantee the authenticity of any Microsoft software that isn't obtained via official channels.

Earlier this week, Microsoft had to close the flood gates on its download servers for a while, preventing end users and developers from getting hold of the software. The demand for the preview threatened to cripple Microsoft's other online services. This prompted a group of Microsoft enthusiasts to create the torrent site to aid the distribution of the public preview.

Pirillo, one of the site's creators, believes that the company is making a mistake by issuing the cease and desist order to a website that was ultimately trying to legitimately help distribute the Vista public beta.

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