Microsoft starts integrating Windows Live into OS

Written by Phil Cogar

September 6, 2007 | 13:47

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I'll admit, I use quite a few Microsoft products - Live Messenger, Windows Vista, Windows Live Mail, Office 2007; I use them all. Heck, Live Messenger and Live mail have replaced AIM and *GASP* Gmail as my primary tools for messaging and emailing. But, not everyone feels that way!

Now in a move worthy of another potential anti-trust lawsuit, Microsoft is taking its Windows Live Service one step closer to being integrated right into the OS. For the time being, Windows live is a separate program that allows you to pick and choose which components you want to install, and thankfully it seems the guys at Redmond have learned the lessons of Internet Explorer and not made it quite so uninstallable.

"Today we’re releasing beta versions of a new generation of Windows Live software designed for your Windows PC that makes it easier than ever to get connected to Windows Live or other services. This suite of software includes e-mail (Windows Live Mail), photo sharing (Windows Live Photo Gallery), a great publishing tool that lets you post directly to your blog (Windows Live Writer), parental controls (Windows Live OneCare Family Safety), a new version of Windows Live Messenger (8.5), and more." said Chris Jones, Vice President of Windows Live Team, over on the Windows Live Wire blog.

Once you head over to the Get Live website, you'll be presented with with an option to pick and choose just what services you want to install and then that's it. Many of the applications can already be used through various Microsoft websites, so many people will find this installation completely useless. On the other hand, if you already use some of these applications on a regular basis, you might find it handy to be able to access them all from one convenient place.

Do you find it useful to get all of these online applications in one central place or do you avoid Microsoft products like the bubonic plague to begin with? Drop us your thoughts in the forums or in the comment section below.
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