Microsoft leads Japan in iPod crusade

Written by Wil Harris

June 2, 2006 | 15:59

Tags: #ipod #napster

Companies: #japan #microsoft #toshiba

Microsoft is leading a consortium of Japanese giants in a crusade to take market share from Apple's iPod.

Mobile phone maker NTT Docomo, CE maker Toshiba as well as Napster Japan are joining forces to create new products that will work with Windows. The inclusion of NTT suggests that the first MP3 player created will be a mobile phone.

Microsoft is hoping to do something, anything, to break iPod's stranglehold on the MP3 market. Apple is able to control the user experience from music download, to playback, to portable device. Players from Microsoft-affiliated companies have traditionally come up short on usability because they are only able to control one part of the picture. By getting involved in the hardware side, Microsoft is hoping to help create something that users will flock to.

Do you think MS can take on Apple? Do you rate the new Windows Media Player as an alternative to iTunes? Let us know over in the forums!
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