Majority of Brits have broadband connection

Written by Phil Cogar

August 29, 2007 | 11:45

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The 2007 National Statistics Omnibus Survey has shown that more Brits are on a broadband connection than ever before with 51 percent of households having one form of broadband or another. That's up from forty percent last year.

The survey was conducted on a random sampling of around 1,800 adults that are aged 16 or over and living in a private household.

Around 60 percent of all London households have a broadband connection while Northern Ireland has an attach rating of only 40 percent.

The same survey also reports that a total of 15.23 million (61 percent) households have Internet access with London and South-west England leading the pack at 69 percent. Northern Ireland, north-east England and Yorkshire in northern England trailed everyone with only 52 percent of all households having some form of internet access.

Men are more likely to be found on the Internet then women with a 71 percent to 62 percent ratio.

The results have also found that goods and services searching was the primary reason for Internet usage (86 percent) with sending and receiving emails closely behind at 85 percent. Travel and accommodation services were also popular with 63 percent of respondents logging in to using them. There was no information on how many people log in just to look at porn (my guess would be around 90 percent).

What type of connection are you on and what is your primary reason for searching the Internet? If your answers are "broadband" and "to look at bit-tech" then let us know in the comments section below or over in the forums. Don't worry though, even if those are you're answers, feel free to discuss the results as well.
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