Majority of LG output to be Android

January 14, 2010 | 13:56

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LG Mobile, the 'phone-oriented arm of LG Electronics, has announced that it is to follow Motorola's lead and concentrate on handsets based around Google's Android platform, leaving Windows Mobile in the minority.

Echoing the announcement made by Motorola back in 2008 - which culminated with the release in December of last year of the Milestone, also known as the Droid in the US - LG Mobile has stated that "more than half" of its future handsets will be running Google's popular Android mobile platform.

According to Electronista, this strategy will initially be focused on cheaper, entry-level handsets - a market currently under-served by Android-based devices - before moving to the premium end.

While LG has already released one Android device - the Eve handset - the company's first Android-based device following this announcement is likely to be the GT540 - also known as the 'Swift' - which it was showing off at CES: a resistive touch-screen only device with no physical keyboard and a simple 3 megapixel camera designed to enter the market at a price point that will tempt budget buyers towards Android.

While the majority of LG's output will be Android, the company isn't giving up on other platforms just yet: the up-and-coming GW990 smartphone, which is alleged to feature an x86-compatible processor based around Intel's Moorestown Atom-based CPU, is believed to be built around Intel's Moblin Linux, which was originally developed for netbooks rather than smartphones.

Are you pleased to see another major manufacturer give Android the thumbs-up, or is it the thought of an x86-based handset - no matter what operating system it's running - that's got you excited? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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