Lost and Housewives to stream for free

Written by Wil Harris

April 10, 2006 | 12:28

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Disney, which owns TV channel ABC, is announcing that its two flagships shows will now be streaming for free online.

Desperate Housewives and Lost will be streamed from the ABC website with adverts in the middle, and you won't be able to skip them. ABC is hoping that this will be a new revenue stream for the company, and it already has advertisers including Ford and Unilever signed up for the first run of ads.

The shows will be available online the morning after they air in the States. There are currently no details as to how the files will be protected - we assume with Windows Media - and there's no news as to whether access will be granted based on geographical location.

Currently, both shows screen in the UK months behind the US schedule. The possibility of internet streaming could mean that viewers can get the latest shows as soon as they air in the States - without having to resort to Torrents.

Currently, both shows are available for download on the iTunes Music Store for $1.99 an episode - but only to those signed up with a US iTunes account.

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