Linux now wears Macintel Boots

Written by Brett Thomas

April 20, 2006 | 20:49

Tags: #boot-camp #osx #windows-xp #winxp

Companies: #apple

Yes, you read it right. For everyone that thought it was cool when you could dual-boot the new Intel-based Mac with Microsoft Windows, there's a new game in town. Move over, Bill, Tux is in town!

The same hackers from who brought Windows before Boot Camp have now successfully brought Linux on. Though it uses Apple's Boot Camp utility, the triple boot is not sanctioned (yet) by Cupertino. Of course, with how quickly they embraced the WinXP boot, one wonders how long it will really take them to get on board with this one.

It is important to note that, just as with XP before Boot Camp, the installation is difficult and a tad unorthodox. In fact, you cannot boot Linux without also having XP installed at the moment, as it chain-loads from the LILO bootloader after WinXP is selected from Boot Camp.

Full instructions can be found in the Wiki.

With triple booting now possible, it seems that more and more flexibility is being integrated into the new Macintels. Is all of this multi-booting cool enough (and if Boot Camp accepts it, easy enough) to increase the Macintel market share? Or is it just too obscure to have use to anyone but a techie?

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