iPod finally gets Vista fix

Written by Brett Thomas

May 11, 2007 | 09:20

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There are many things that people can call the effort to transition to Vista, but easy is probably not among them. Problems have abounded since the release of the OS, not the least of which are severe driver issues that render some hardware pretty much useless. Though high-end graphics cards have a rather low market penetration, one particular device has had a pretty wide effect - the Apple iPod.

Since Vista's release, the iPod has been plagued with issues. At the forefront has been a slew of corruption issues that could turn your precious music player into a pocket-sized brick. Apple has updated iTunes since Vista's release, but to no avail. Microsoft has also released a couple patches to fix the device, but one particular niggle remained. If you remove the iPod using "Safely Remove Hardware" rather than the iTunes software, you could turn your player into the same brick referenced above.

Finally, there's a patch that finally works.

Microsoft has released an update to Windows Vista that properly corrects the bug. Three and a half months after Vista's release, iPods are finally able to synch with computers using the OS without the random possibility of turning into a paperweight. Whatever the reason for the repeated screw-ups, it appears that they are finally a thing of the past.

Blame has been passed thoroughly to both companies for the screw up, which has a rather wide-spread effect when you consider how many people use iPods. Though the USB storage device problems aren't really Apple's domain, the company had the OS for months before its release, so there was little reason not to know the problems existed or work to repair them. Instead, consumers have had to wait all of this time for the most popular computer peripheral in the world to finally function on Microsoft's flagship OS.

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