Intel in trouble for 'racist' ad

Written by Brett Thomas

August 2, 2007 | 09:13

Tags: #core #racism

Companies: #intel

They always say "There's no such thing as bad publicity." That may or may not be true, as someone in Intel's marketing division might have to find a new job after the latest ad. It appears that a white man smiling smugly over a bunch of bent over black athletes might just be considered racist.

Wow...Whudda thunk?

The ad, which (hopefully) was just a really, really dumb idea, illustrates a white businessman "multiplying" his productivity. This is illustrated, of course, by the appearance of several black athletes (wearing next to naught), each bowing down in front of him. The smiling satisfaction on his face is just icing on the cake...

Whoever thought of this will hopefully be packing his or her bags soon, but here at bit-tech we're a bit more curious as to how something like this manages to get out and in print without catching the implication. I mean, surely this did get seen by someone, no?

What are your thoughts on the ad - poor taste, or just a dumb choice by some very naive person? Tell us your thoughts in our forums and join the discussion.
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