Another Intel Broadwell delay rumoured

February 14, 2014 | 10:39

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Intel has addressed claims that its next-generation Broadwell processor family is to slip still further behind schedule, allegedly due to higher than expected stocks of current-generation Haswell processors, but has yet to clarify exactly how the launch is being scheduled.

The semiconductor giant was forced to delay the launch of the 14nm Broadwell family due to poor yield during test production, admitting in October last year that Haswell's successor would be pushed back due to difficulties in building processors at such a small feature size. With the production difficulties resolved, Intel was rumoured to have set a launch window in the third quarter of this year - but industry rumour-monger DigiTimes has claimed this will be pushed to limited production in the fourth quarter and mass production in 2015 due to higher than expected stock of Haswell parts.

Responding to the rumour, Intel told PCMag that there has been 'no change' in the company's plans since its January earnings call. A look at the phraseology of said call, however, fails to offer much in the way of clarification: 'We're now planning to begin production this quarter [Q1] with shipments to customers later this year,' the company told investors and press - with both the originally-expected Q3 and DigiTimes' claimed-delayed Q4 being 'later this year,' you'll note.

According to DigiTimes' source, initial shipments will be restricted to U- and Y-series models, while the bulk of Broadwell parts won't begin to reach customers until the first quarter of 2015 - giving Intel and its customers a chance to empty their excess Haswell inventory before bringing on its successor. Although framed as a denial, Intel's response to PCMag's query contains nothing that actually refutes DigiTimes' claims - meaning that buyers eager to skip Haswell for Broadwell could be waiting a little while longer than they had perhaps hoped.
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