HP 2133 Eee-alike revealed

February 20, 2008 | 08:38

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Gadget website Engadget claims to have got its sweaty little hands on leaked pre-release images of Hewlett Packard's rumoured Eee PC-alike the HP Compaq 2133, and if the pictures are real it's looking pretty darn snazzy.

The spec sheet accompanying the leaked images claims a scratch-resistant 8.9” WXGA display that leaves the 7” 800x480 screen on the Eee standing, along with an almost full size QWERTY keyboard. Connectivity is pretty well covered too, with an on-board gigabit Ethernet port alongside the standard wireless networking and an ExpressCard slot for a 3G modem. Oh, and there's the obligatory screen-mounted webcam that you'll use once and then ignore.

Interestingly, the unit appears to ship with a mechanical hard drive, albeit one protected by “HP 3D DriveGuard”. SSD is, however, offered as an 'option'. Either way, the internals appear to be pretty well secured under an anodized aluminium chassis that wouldn't look out of place coming from Cupertino.

The weight is pretty roadwarrior-friendly, too: the standard unit is 1.13Kg, which puts it a mere 200g over the plastic Eee.

There's no mention yet of pricing or availability, and no information about specifications was released. The 2133 will allegedly come with the option of either Linux or Windows Vista, which hints at rather more power under the hood than most of the Eee PC competition available today.

Depending on what the 2133 has in terms of hardware, this could be the answer for all those people who love the Eee but need something with a little more grunt. Depending on the finished product – and how it actually looks in the flesh, as it where – I'd certainly be interested.

Tempted by a more grown-up Eee, or does the very fact it's from Hewcom Paqard put you off? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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