Heathrow gets free Power Poles

April 17, 2009 | 14:51

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Any frequent fliers around the nation's capital will be pleased to hear that Heathrow is introducing Power Poles – areas where gadgets can be charged for free.

According to an article over on vnunet.com, airport owner BAA is spending over £300,000 to produce and install the poles – each one of which is able to charge eight devices at a time.

The poles – forty-seven of which have already been installed – are placed in the departure lounge and made freely available for passengers to top-up the charge on their laptops, mobile 'phones, and other devices. Currently located in terminals one and three, plans are afoot for additional poles to be constructed in terminal four – with terminal five being checked to see if the project is suitable.

The cost of the power poles isn't being entirely met by BAA, with Korean gadget giant Samsung sponsoring the units. As part of the deal, each pole will feature Samsung branding along with a glass display case to show off the company's latest devices.

BAA's Juan Perez said the company is “confident that the Power Poles will provide an effective cost-free solution to a genuine problem, which will ultimately make our passengers' airport experience more enjoyable.

While these aren't the first publicly accessible charging stations to be installed in airports, it's good to see BAA going for the advertising-funded approach rather than asking for payment in exchange for juice.

Even with these drawbacks noted, it's certainly refreshing to see power-hungry gadgetphiles finally being accommodated.

Can you see yourself using a Samsung Power Pole next time you're waiting for a flight, or is the idea doomed from the start? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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