Hardcore Computer launches immersion cooled PCs

Written by Harry Butler

October 23, 2008 | 12:56

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Some of you might remember the Amari XMP we had a look at when we visited i34, an ultra high end system where the components were completely immersed in a bath of supercomputer coolant rather than such archaic methods as air or mere water. While it was an unquestionably cool piece of kit, we never thought we’d see the concept make it to retail – the cost of the coolant alone made it highly impractical.

How wrong we were then, as US based system builder Hardcore Computer has just launched its Reactor line of premium systems, featuring a patented total coolant immersion system which allows even triple SLI GeForce GTX 280 setups to operate without any fans at all – all the heat is carried away from the components using custom heatsinks which disperse the heat into the coolant, which is then cooled using a radiator.

Because the coolant is entirely non-conductive, the hardware has no problem operating in its submerged environment, and the additional cooling capability allow for a great deal of overclocking headroom for all the components inside.
What’s even more impressive is that Hardware Computer have managed to produce the Reactor at a cost that, while some will no doubt balk at, is pretty reasonable considering the cooling setup on offer – prices start at around $5000 for a quad core system with a single GeForce GTX 280 – steep yes, but not entirely unaffordable, and considering the exclusivity of owning such a unique system we’re sure there’ll be plenty of demand.

Our friends over at Custom PC had a chance to interview Chad Attlesey, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Hardcore Computer about its Reactor series of PCs, including the ins and outs of how the revolutionary cooling system works.

It’s certainly a big step forward in home hardware cooling, and while only just making it into the market place, we’d love to see more of this kind of kit, although swapping out hardware might become something of a damp experience. Tempted to import yourself a Reactor system? Or do you not see the point in total immersion cooling? Let us know in the forums!
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