GUBA delivers $0.49 TV show downloads and $5 movies

Written by Wil Harris

August 22, 2006 | 17:31

Tags: #download #internet #movie #tv

GUBA is slashing prices on movie downloads in a bid to draw some attention to itself and gain a larger user base.

Prices will now be:
  • $0.49 for TV shows (down from $1.79)
  • $0.99 for 24 hour full-length download rentals
  • $9.99 for new movies (down from $19.99)
  • $4.99 for older movies (down from $9.99)
To be honest, the price cuts are well-needed - who would seriously pay 20 bucks for a downloadable video file that doesn't come with any physical media, given that physical DVDs can actually be cheaper?

The downloads are in WMV format but don't allow burning to CD. You can, however, transfer the files to PlaysForSure compatible portable devices.

Warner, NBC and Sony are all on board with the project - our guess is that they'll do anything to help out a service that might, one day, compete with iTunes - thus avoiding a potentially sticky situation where Apple is able to hold Hollywood over a barrel and dictate its own store licensing terms.

Of course, the service doesn't work outside the US.

Are you tempted by cut prices on GUBA? Let us know over on the forums.
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