Google to launch YouTube Red subscription service

October 22, 2015 | 13:33

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Google has announced that it is taking its popular video-sharing platform YouTube freemium, with the launch of a subscription service dubbed YouTube Red.

Like most of Google's output, YouTube is currently supported through advertising revenue - both by placing pre-roll adverts within the video streams themselves and also by harvesting information about viewers which can be fed back into its targeted advertising algorithms to build up a more accurate profile. Recently, though, the company has been shifting to offering subscription-based services for end users, such as Google Play Music - and now it's YouTube's turn.

'YouTube Red lets you enjoy videos across all of YouTube without ads, while also letting you save videos to watch offline on your phone or tablet and play videos in the background, all for $9.99 a month,' Google's Matt Leske, senior product manager for YouTube, announced ahead of next week's launch and describing things it's currently entirely possible to do now on most computing devices if you don't mind ignoring Google's terms of use. 'Your membership extends across devices and anywhere you sign into YouTube, including our recently launched Gaming app and a brand new YouTube Music app we’re announcing today that will be available soon.'

As well as removing the adverts and allowing offline and background playback on mobile devices, YouTube Red will offer exclusive content dubbed YouTube Originals. Taking a leaf from Netflix's popular Originals series, YouTube Originals will be exclusive to the YouTube Red service, and will include content from popular 'tubers PewDiePie, Rooster Teeth, Joey Graceffa, MatPat, CollegeHumor, and Toby Turner, among others.

Google has indicated that YouTube Red will be opening on the 28th of October for US viewers, with international availability to follow, but has not placed a launch date on YouTube Music.
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