Google possibly preparing to open Google Glass stores

Written by Edward Chester

May 8, 2013 | 18:05

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New rumours have emerged suggesting Google may be about to open high street stores especially to promote its Google Glass wearable computers.

Rumours of Google opening stores have been around for many years but the latest source, who was speaking to Business Insider, has suggested the day could finally arrive, and that Google Glass is the product leading the initiative.

“Our source tells us he knows someone that is working at Google to develop the Glass stores,” the site reports. “This person apparently meets with Sergey Brin to plot out the stores.”

Business Insider goes on to say "Our source indicated that Google was looking to create stores specifically for Glass. These Glass stores would put the Glass brand front and center. They would help customers get set up with Glass."

While the idea of Google opening high street stores seems perfectly possible, that the company would push so heavily on Google Glass is surprising. Although there's a lot of intrigue over Google's new gadget, it seems unlikely the public is set to start buying them in their bucket loads.

That said, Google Glass is a tactile device that needs to be tried to understand so reaching out to the public in this way could certainly help accelerate adoption.

For those not aware, Google Glass is a headband Bluetooth gadget for your phone that incorporates a tiny display that sits in front of one eye. This is used to display information such as your emails, directions to where you're going and such like.

Currently only 8000 have been made, they've all been sold and they cost $1,500 each but when the device hits stores - high street or online - later this year it's expected to cost a few hundred pounds/dollars.

In other Google Glass related news, an Australian man, Nathan Myers, has made his own fake Google Glass (FLASS) using the monitor from a pair of MyVu Crystal 701 video glasses, a bluetooth headset and a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Google possibly preparing to open Google Glass stores Google maybe preparing to open Google Glass stores

The contraption uses the video-out feature of the phone to relay the video signal to the eyepiece - a simple, effective though perhaps rather ugly solution. You can read more about it on the Overclockers Australia forum.
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