Gigabyte v. Asus - it's all over

June 2, 2008 | 13:42

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If you've been waiting with bated breath for the battle between motherboard giants Asus and Gigabyte to come to blows, it looks like your hopes may come to naught after all.

For a while it looked like Asus was going to take Gigabyte to court over claims the company made regarding the quality of Asus's products, not to mention the veracity of information provided regarding its Energy Processing Unit technology. With Gigabyte insisting that it did nothing wrong and it was all Asus's fault for passing off shoddy hardware, everyone was waiting for the inevitable courtroom showdown and damages settlement.

Now, however, saner heads at Gigabyte have made the decision to issue a very public apology for the slurs cast upon its competitor's good name before the company finds itself in front of an unamused judge. According to Digitimes, who broke the news on Friday, Gigabyte has slunk off into the sunset still grumbling that its DES technology is the better option for power saving than Asus's EPU but will smooth things over by paying for an apology to be published in various Taiwanese news publications.

Asus, knowing a good result when it sees one, has in turn agreed that this little spat needn't see the inside of a courtroom and has dropped all legal proceedings against Gigabyte.

Whether there will be any internal changes at Gigabyte to prevent a recurrence of this sorry affair – which, it must be remembered, started with the company releasing a very indelicately worded presentation accusing Asus of lying, cheating, and generally being a thoroughly bad egg – is unknown, but it's fair to imagine that the company will be trying to keep its head below the parapet for a while. It's also fairly likely that both companies will redouble their efforts to produce the most energy-efficient motherboard possible in order to have the final say on the matter – which sounds like a net win for consumers.

Whether you use Gigabyte or Asus products – heck, even if you don't use either – it's certainly good news that the two companies have been able to sort their differences out without recourse to a long, drawn-out legal fight. It's just a shame the two couldn't have managed this resolution earlier in the whole sorry saga. Share your thoughts in the forums.
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