German hacker blocked from entering US

Written by Phil Cogar

July 31, 2007 | 14:57

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German hacker Thomas Dullien has been barred from entering the United States on a personal visa to teach a two-day class at this year's Black Hat convention.

Dullien, who has held training sessions for the past six years at Black Hat, was denied entry when security screeners found the printed materials for his training session in his suitcase.

”For the next 4 1/2 hours I was interviewed about who exactly I am, why I am coming to the US, what the nature of my contract with Blackhat is, and why my trainings class is not performed by an American citizien.” Dullien has said about the events that transpired on his personal blog.

Dullien initially was contracted personally by Black Hat, but will soon change the terms to be between Black Hat and Dullien's company Sabre Labs GmbH. This latest debacle has left Dullien with a new rule - he can no longer teach the sessions while in the country on his personal visa. It will be possible for him to teach future training sessions with a business visa, but this year is out of the question since it could be weeks before he can obtain one.

With several foreign security experts scheduled to attend, it appears that only Dullien has been affected by the tightened security of today's air travelers.

Is this a shining example of airport security going too far or should Dullien have gotten his training materials printed after his arrival? Or should he have just applied for a business visa to start with, since he was being paid? Let us know your thoughts over in the forums or in the comment section.
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