IT workers dubbed 'worst dressed'

Written by Geoff Richards

November 18, 2005 | 14:09

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If you work in IT, the chances are you fall until the 'Worst Dressed' category, according to corporate stylist, Melanie Moss, who organised a fashion show in Sydney on Wednesday and then promptly told more than 150 technology professionals in the audience that they had no fashion sense.

"Because the majority of IT people are not in front of customers all the time, they tend to slack off," she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The most common crimes against fashion include short sleeved shirts, man-made fibres and the wrong coloured socks.

Help-desk staff were singled out as in the greatest need for a visit from
Trinny and Susannah. Staff working for technology start-ups ranked next, who - shock horror - still wear T-shirts to work "as a consequence of the casual web culture of the '90s," said SMH's Louisa Hearn. Is that a bad thing then?

"The internet is now such a massive industry but people haven't caught up in terms of their dress," according to Moss.

Clearly Ms Moss has never shopped at Jinx, who sell some of the coolest T-shirts known to man. This reporter considered buying the STFU please shirt in a suitable size on Ms Moss' behalf, but I suspect the irony would be lost on a 'corporate stylist'.

This does raise an interesting issue: what do you wear to work? Are you enslaved by a grey suit & tie and count the days to the annual Hawaiian Shirt Day at the office? Maybe you're all 21st Century and you tele-commute in your pajamas several days a week? Or perhaps you're decked out in the corporate colours of your favourite multi-national, which sucks because you're really more of a 'Summer' than an 'Winter'.

Post your thoughts about geek fashion, industry clothing standards or even the superficiality (it's a word!) of judging co-workers by the clothes they wear. You're there to work, people - it's not a fashion parade.
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