Xbox 360: You could buy one soon

Written by Wil Harris

February 13, 2006 | 10:17

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Microsoft games supremo Peter Moore has announced to the world that there will be widespread availability of the Xbox 360 in four to six weeks.

Speaking at the DICE conference, Moore said that component shortages had been mostly to blame for the lack of 360s on the shelves.

He also said that launching in all three territories virtually simultaneously was the right thing to do, after critics had suggested that launching properly in just one might have been a better idea.

"Was it controversial? Yes. But it's what we needed to do to bring next-gen gaming to a global audience. There have been short-term shortages, but we're driving a clear advantage as we go forward. It was the right decision... There were component shortages, but they've been fixed. Now we're starting to cook."

An unfortunately choice of words, given the cooking propensity of 360 power supplies.

We went to check out the availability of 360s at the weekend, and still couldn't find any in UK shops.

Are you looking forward to finally getting your hands on a console? Have you had no luck getting one, despite keeping your eye on online stock availability? Let us know your Xbox 360 buying experiences over in the forum.
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