Xbox 360 going to 65nm in Autumn

Written by Brett Thomas

May 1, 2007 | 09:36

Tags: #360 #65nm #xenos

Companies: #microsoft #tsmc

News on the wire over at Digitimes has said that the Xbox 360's Xenos graphics chip will be getting a bit smaller come fall. According to equipment manufacturers in China, the new version of the chip has already been taped out and will begin production soon.

The original Xenos chip, designed by ATI, was manufactured using TSMC's 90nm fab process. The new tape-out will bring the chip down to 65nm and is set to begin full production this month. According to reports, sales of the new chip will amount to 5% of TSMC's profits for mid-year, so apparently sales of the 360 aren't down all that much after all.

The die shrink will bring all the usual benefits to the 360, including lower electricity usage and thus a drop in thermal output. This may be some good news to budding Xbox 360 owners, as current owners have been complaining about the heat output of the console.

Whether or not the decrease in production cost drops the price of the end unit will be anyone's guess - we may just need to wait until fall for that. Until then, do you have a thought on the die shrink? Leave it with us in our forums.
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