Microsoft pledges remapping support for all Xbox One pads

October 5, 2015 | 11:07

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Microsoft has indicated that it is to allow gamers to remap the controls on Xbox One peripherals independent of any in-game button assignment options, a feature currently exclusive to its high-price Elite controller.

The Xbox One Elite controller, available either as a $149.99 stand-alone accessory or as part of a $499.99 Xbox One Elite bundle, offers numerous improvements over the original design. Many of these are hardware-based, such as easily-changeable triggers with 'Hair Trigger Locks' and a new, larger D-pad. Another is based entirely in software: the ability to remap all the controls from the Xbox One dashboard and have your changes reflected in any and all games you play. For those who find the traditional layout restrictive, especially left-handers, it's a great feature - but one Microsoft's rival Sony had already introduced to the PlayStation 4.

Now, gamers are wondering just why a software-driven feature would be exclusive to the high-priced Elite gamepad and not available to those on the cheaper original type. The good news: there's no real reason, and Microsoft is planning to bring the feature to all controllers in a future firmware update. Responding to a query on Twitter, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra explained that game-agnostic remapping is 'coming for all [Xbox One] controllers soon,' but declined to offer a launch date for the functionality.

The next major update for the Xbox One console is scheduled for release in November, which will bring backwards compatibility for a selection of Xbox 360 games to the latest-generation Xbox One. Microsoft has not indicated whether universal remapping will be included in this update, but its absence from the beta releases suggests not.
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