Xbox 360 Elite gets price cut, Pro phased out

Written by Joe Martin

August 27, 2009 | 13:16

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Microsoft will officially cut the price of the Xbox 360 Elite SKU tomorrow across the UK and US as part of a move to phase out the Xbox 360 Pro bundle and help make room for the coming Natal controller - which many see as a re-launch of the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 Elite will be cut to just £199.99 starting tomorrow, while the Xbox 360 Arcade will get a price raise to £159.99 and will not now be bundled with any games or software.

In the US meanwhile the Xbox 360 Elite will fall to $299.99, while the Xbox 360 Arcade will cost $199.99. In both territories the Xbox 360 60Gb Pro bundle will be completely phased out and the Xbox 360 Elite will no longer come with an HDMI cable.

The most likely reason for the price changes are clearing things up for a new Natal bundle in the coming months, as well as trying to compete with Sony, who recently lowered the price of the PlayStation 3 to £249.99 in the UK and announced the introduction of the PlayStation 3 Slim. Microsoft claims the motives are a tad more philanthropic however.

"As we continue to refine and make improvements on the internal components for the Xbox 360 and costs come down we pass those savings on to our customers in the form of price drops," said Microsoft's Aaron Greenburg in a press statement.

The fact that Microsoft's price cut coincides with Sony's announcement is a pure accident, claims Microsoft - who also rubbished rumours that an Xbox 360 Slim was on the way.

"We feel great about our console," said Greenburg. "We have taken a different philosophy, adding more value to our existing console through updates and reinventing the system software. We feel like our system has done very well for us in the current form. We have no plans for a slim."

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