Ubisoft speeding up Splinter Cell sequels

Written by Joe Martin

March 3, 2010 | 12:08

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Ubisoft honcho Yves Guillemot has pledged that the publisher/developer will create new sequels in it's main franchises, namely Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed, much faster in the future.

The news has trickled down through Ubisoft's creative director Max Beland at Ubisoft Montreal, who told Edge that the company wanted to speed up it's iterative processes.

"This is a long-term vision," said Beland. "I'm not telling you that in a year you'll have another Splinter Cell. Right now the direction Yves gave us and where the company is going is, at one point, if the direction doesn't change, yes you're going to be seeing Splinter Cell games - just like Assassin's Creed games, just like anything else - released a little bit more often."

Beland went on to talk about the status of the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction as a Microsoft exclusive for Xbox 360 and PC, saying that it didn't mean MS had any stake or hold on the series.

"I'm not involved in the business deals. I joined Splinter Cell after the exclusivity deal with Microsoft had already been signed, but there's no reason why Splinter Cell couldn't be on the PS3," he said. "Conviction? No because of the exclusivity deal. I know people keep talking about maybe, maybe not, [but] at Ubisoft Montreal I haven't seen anyone working on PS3 for Conviction.

"[The next game] is open to new deals," he added. "If Microsoft wants an exclusivity deal, they don't call me, it's Yves dealing with the business people. But yeah, I guess we could even be a PS3 exclusive if there's a deal that makes people happy there."

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