Ubisoft announces UPlay Passport

Written by Joe Martin

July 21, 2011 | 11:17

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Ubisoft has today formally announced a new UPlay Passport system for its in-game UPlay services, which is intended to thwart second hand sales by offering buyers exclusive content for buying games new.

The UPlay Passport system will see future Ubisoft games coming with a one-use code that is activated online to unlock extra content and community features.

Those who buy the games second hand will still be able to play the game, but will lack Passport-enabled content and features unless they buy a new code for £7.99.

Customers will be able to spot UPlay Passport-enabled games by looking for a new logo on the box, says Ubisoft.

The system is roughly similar to that offered by Electronic Arts, known as Project Ten Dollar, which was launched with Mass Effect 2 and saw first-hand buyers rewarded with extra characters and missions. Ubisoft's UPlay platform hasn't proved as popular, however.

Ubisoft's Passport system will launch 'in the coming months', according to the announcement, and will debut in the upcoming Driver: San Francisco.

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