MS: Xbox 360 to continue for five more years, at least

Written by Joe Martin

June 22, 2010 | 10:34

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Microsoft's Chris Lewis has commented that the Xbox 360 console has "at least" five more years of competition in it thanks to new ideas like Kinect, MS' new controller.

An official European price for the Kinect controller hasn't yet been announed, but Lewis reckons that Kinect will go down a storm across the continent when Kinect is finally released.

"Kinect for 360 is big for France, Italy, Germany and Spain, where there is a market for the casual gaming appetite that we can now address without the physical barrier of the controller," Lewis told

Kinect, a camera-based controller that detects player movements, has been listed at $149.99 USD in America.

"2010 will be a very big year for us. It is in many ways for us mid-lifecycle. What you've seen is with this new sleek design and Kinect for Xbox 360 we've got at least another five years of this generation where we continue to offer great experiences for people."

Interestingly, Lewis doesn't think that 3D features will be important for home consoles for another year or two; unlike Sony and Nintendo, who have been pushing 3D devices heavily recently.

"Certainly for this Christmas the timing isn't yet right. Over time there will be a lot more interest as the price points get more realistic, we'll see families feeling better about having that kind of infrastructure in the home.[/i]"

"I think we'll see in 12-18 months from now that will become more important.[/i]"

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