Starbound boldly goes to Xbox One's Game Preview service

Written by Jake Tucker

August 4, 2015 | 16:39

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Companies: #chucklefish

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Chucklefish's space explore-em-up, ever since I got into the beta and discovered you could play Ode to Joy on a violin while following your friends around a strange alien planet.

So the announcement that's it's going to be coming to Xbox One fills me with a bit of joy. Starbound is coming to Xbox owners via the magic of Microsoft's new Game Preview service, allowing Xbox One owners to buy early access copies of games and see them mature into fully fledged games.

I hate early access but Starbound have been pretty good at keeping progress moving on the PC so there's no reason to believe it won't keep on top of this Xbox One version too, in fact there's an extra team working on the Xbox One edition.

In a statement on their website, community manager Molly Carroll talk about the reasons behind launching on Game Preview, and talk about potential plans to come to other consoles. I'm crossing my fingers for a PS Vita version.

'Starbound has benefited massively from the community’s feedback since we launched on Steam Early Access, with so many of you helping our little team squash bugs and create an overall better sandbox game (thank you! <3). We believe Game Preview provides the best opportunity for us to make Starbound an amazing experience for console gamers as well.

This won’t distract us from Starbound’s continued development for PC, of course, as we’ll have an additional team working on the console version of the game. Ultimately, our goal is to launch Starbound in Game Preview and fine-tune the game for the best possible console experience. Once we reach Starbound 1.0, we’ll start working our way towards porting the game to additional consoles.'
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