EA and DICE reveal Mirror's Edge 2 is in development

Written by Edward Chester

June 10, 2013 | 21:33

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EA and DICE took to the stage at E3 to announce that a new version of the free-running FPS, Mirror's Edge, is in the works.

Mirror's Edge 2 looks to be a prequel to the original game with the footage shown at the event revealing the protagonist, Faith, being tattooed with tattoos that she already has in the first game.

Little else about the story was revealed, except that it appears to take place in the same city as the first game.

In terms of gameplay, it appears to be classic Mirror's Edge with an emphasis on getting from one place to another as quickly as possible, rather than fighting your way through: there's the same small number of hand-to-hand combat moves but little else.

Writer of the original Mirror's Edge, Rhianna Pratchet, revealed that she won't be writing the new game, and that she hadn't even been asked, which is a shame considering the high quality of the writing in that game.

Ironically, given the game's stark graphical style, it didn't immediately leap out as being 'next-gen', from the short sections of indoor action that were shown. However, with a release date described as "when it's ready", the game will almost certainly be up to the standards of other titles aimed for release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Excited by the prospect of a new Mirror's Edge or - like me - are you worried that they can surely only harm the memories of such a superb original.
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