E3: SmartGlass to link Xbox 360 to Phones, Tablets

Written by Joe Martin

June 4, 2012 | 18:57

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Microsoft has announced a new streaming service for the Xbox 360, dubbed Xbox SmartGlass, which will allow users to stream content between their Xbox 360 and compatible Windows tablets and phones.

Unveiled at E3 2012, SmartGlass' lets users share movies on their tablets or phones to their Xbox console, letting them watch the show on a big TV while keeping other information on the tablet screen.

As well as working when watching videos, Microsoft says SmartGlass can be used for games too. A brief demonstration was shown in which a player used a tablet touchscreen to control team mates in Madden.

Already the system has drawn comparisons to Nintendo's Wii U GamePad controller - which is ironic considering Nintendo's own announcement earlier today.

Microsoft unveiled a number of other new features for the Xbox 360 as part of its E3 press conference, including that Internet Explorer would be coming to the console in the future. SmartGlass is confirmed to be compatible with Xbox's version of IE.

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